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Hastings Urban Design Group and the RIBA

Contract Sum:



The abandoned concrete frame is all that remains of the proposed West Ascent development, a frame good enough to deserve a use. Sheltered beneath the West Hill, like the Net Shops beneath the East Hill, the proposed development aims to encourage industry in Hastings and st. leonards.  Inspired by the famous Net Shops, we proposed to populate the existing frame with ‘Net Shops’ of our own, your own.

Inserted into and placed on the frame, these lightweight structures will provide space to design, build, fix, make, and manage. An affordable space designed to suit the needs of Hastings’ and St. leonards’ entrepreneurs. Each unit has individual loading bays beneath with private access up to the work space. To the East, a formal entrance for customers and clients through a gallery exhibiting products and work from the industries is at first floor level. Above, smaller units sit on top of the frame, some of which are linked to below. The flexibility of this solution allows businesses to expand as required and is designed to cater for varying sizes of industry.




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