Campsite Cook House


Woodlarks Campsite Trust

Contract Sum:



Following the successful design and delivery of a new pool house, Deacon + Richardson Architects were engaged to design a replacement campsite cook house and pantry for the Woodlarks Campsite.

The proposed development is built on the advantageous site of the former cookhouse. During the organised summer camps the proposal will serve as the main kitchen. Here food will be prepared and cooked on the traditional trench oven by the campers. Due to the special nature of the campsite the new design needed to be completely accessible. Improving on the existing building the proposal is entirely step free.

The building is to be finished in appropriate materials specified for their rural appearance, longevity and sustainability. Special consideration was also been given to the cooking area which will be exposed to the heat and smoke of the trench oven. Surrounding the development is a raised planter providing herbs to be used in the preparation of meals.

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