57 Grantham Road



Contract Sum:

£375,000 (2016)


We completed this new-build 3-bedroom house on a small budget, situated within the limits of an urban plot in the Preston Park Conservation area. The house exemplifies sustainability credentials and, additionally, fulfills the design aspirations of its owners. Furthermore, it holds the distinction of being the first private dwelling in Brighton and Hove to achieve Code for Sustainable Homes level 5 certification.

Our primary goal was to create a bright and open home that seamlessly integrates into the site. We achieved this both physically and through the use of contextually appropriate materials found around Grantham Road.

We seamlessly incorporated the challenging requirements of the Code into our design. Meticulously crafting every detail to meet the building’s performance needs while maintaining an effortlessly simplistic appearance. Moreover, our project embraces a comprehensive approach to sustainability. Encompassing energy efficiency, renewable energy, natural materials, ecological considerations, accessibility, site waste management, and rainwater harvesting.

The house design follows the principles of a passive solar house, including careful solar orientation, effective self-shading, and well-placed sun-spaces. Additionally, the building derives its heating from a thermal store. This is heated using a wood burning stove and solar thermal panels. An air source heat pump serves as a backup system, with its electricity needs balanced by a solar PV array.

We also ensured that the majority of the building’s materials are rated as A or A+ in the BRE’s Green Guide. Whenever possible, we sourced low impact materials locally, with certification available to demonstrate responsible sourcing.

In 2016 the building won a Sussex Heritage Trust Award. Here you can find info on our other architecture awards.

Photo Credit: Jim Stephenson

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